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Ang Kai Liang

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Honours - Graduated in 2022

Diploma in Technology (Electronic Engineering) - Graduated in 2019

President’s List, 2019,2021,2022

Dean’s List, 2021

Second runner-up in Prodex 2021

Second runner-up in Prodex 2022

"I am currently employed as an IC design engineer and I am grateful to TAR UMT’s well rounded education that has given me the opportunity to pursue my ambitions. TAR UMT is a tertiary education institution that offers quality education that is affordable. The lecturers are knowledgeable and helpful and the campus facilities are top - notch which help students to have a fulfilling campus life. The programme curriculum is designed to strengthen students’ technical skills as well as soft skills in addition to helping students build important competencies for future employment. This helps us boost our employability especially in this challenging and fast - paced world."

Lee Jia Han

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours – Graduated in 2022

Foundation in Science – Graduated in 2018

Merit Scholarship Holder, 2018 & 2022

Champion of ProDEX 2022 under category Group A (Simulation & Modelling)

GREATECH Best FYP Award 2022

President Lists: 202201, 202105, 202005, 201905, 201809

Dean Lists: 202101, 201909, 201805

"It has been a wholesome experience to further my studies at TAR UMT. My lecturers are always amiable and helpful, and their encouragement and the way they conduct lessons have helped me a lot in my learning process. I would like to express my appreciation to TAR UMT for providing me the TAR UMT merit scholarship and opportunities to participate in competitions. The achievements I have accomplished during my years in TAR UMT are excellent reminders that I have a lot of potentials to soar higher in my career and life. This ties in very well with my belief in “Self-confidence is the great determiner of success”, because I am the only one who is going to lead myself on my path. Cheers!"

Fong Hao Nan

Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering with Honours - Graduated in 2022

Diploma in Technology (Mechatronics) - Graduated in 2019

Book Prize Winner, 2019

Merit Scholarship Holder, 2019 & 2022

GREATECH Best FYP Award 2022

"Studying engineering in TAR UMT is a great way to carve a good future in the field of engineering as there is no question of the quality of the programme as well as providing students with an ideal environment to learn and grow. Quality education at TAR UMT also includes helping students develop important practical skills through various means such as encouraging students’ participation in various competitions. I also appreciate the faculty’s emphasis in robotics which has helped me further deepen my passion for engineering."

Koay Mei Yuan

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Honours

Position: Pre-silicon validation engineer, Intel

“Studying degree in TARUC is a great experience for me where I have met many friends and also experienced yet friendly lecturers. TARUC has been providing high quality yet affordable tertiary education to the students. This is the place where I have gained valuable skills, experience and knowledge, both theoretically and practically, where I can utilised greatly in my career.”

Beh Kai Xin

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Honours

Position: SoC Design Engineer, Intel

“TARUC had given me the engineering skills and technological knowledge I needed to be a competent engineer to meet the challenges of the electronic industry. I am grateful for the opportunity TARUC gave me to engage with my future employer which led to the position I am in today.”

Loi Choon Wei

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours/ TARUC MERIT Scholarship holder

“I will always be grateful for all the support and help that I have received from everybody throughout college life. TARUC not only provided me with a path to attain the green card to work but also gave me an extraordinary experience through participating in various activities and events which makes me who I am today. Passing the exam with flying colors doesn't mean anything. The real education that I've acknowledged from TARUC is communication skill, teamwork, time management and many more. Last but not least, lecturers in TARUC do not only help you understand what a specific career path truly entails, but they help you to understand how could you be positioned yourself to succeed.”

Marcus Tan Yen Wai

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering with Honours

“TARUC is not ordinary as both my older siblings are alumni of the university college and they have proven themselves in their career with the capabilities and abilities acquired throughout their tertiary studies. Nevertheless, I have always believed that studying in TARUC would be a good investment of time and money with the amount of knowledge and experience that I would receive. I believe I am able to persevere through the future challenges in life, thanks to the encouragements and lessons learnt from TARUC.”

Samuel John

Bachelor of Material Engineering with Honours

“I would say studying Engineering in TARUC is both satisfying and fulfilling. Education is for growth and fulfillment, and I strongly believe that TARUC offers both. Though the journey may be tough and challenging, in the end, it is ever rewarding while bonds created with my course mates and lecturers are priceless.”

Tan Jing Wai

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours

"“In my 4 years of study in Mechanical Engineering programme, I met many types of lecturers who handle problems and deliver knowledge differently. They may not match your “ideal lecturer” but they always willing to help you when you ask for it. Thank you TARUC for the great experience.”

Mandy Ng Yen Ming

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours

“TARUC is a good choice for tertiary studies as it not only provides affordable and high-quality education, the lecturers are very professional and kind. They take care of every student like their child. We are fully equipped by TARUC before stepping into society. Furthermore, TARUC also provides TARUC Merit Scholarship which helps many students in their financial.”

Lim Jay Ming

Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering with Honours

TAR UMT Merit Scholarship holder, 2013-2017

Book Prize holder, IEM Gold Award Best Engineering Student

“First of all, a big thanks to TARUC for giving me a lot of opportunity throughout the five years in college. Thanks for offering TARUC Merit Scholarship, the guidance from lecturers, the opportunities for participating in a competition and also the nomination as one of the IEM Gold Award Best Engineering candidates. Besides that, TARUC also provided me with the chance to involve in a collaboration project with a company, which I am currently working at.Many people had been asking me a question, “How did you attain such accomplishments in TARUC?” I would say attitude is the main key element to be successful no matter in academic or even in life. And also, be appreciate to the lecturers and friends who give you helping hands and share their knowledge selflessly. Lastly, always remember, "Make your inexperience an asset, not a liability". Don't take inexperience as an excuse for not trying because it is an opportunity for you to try and learn.”